CASIO Soft Adds WAP Wireless Support and Advanced Telephony Features to New...

CASIO Soft Adds WAP Wireless Support and Advanced Telephony Features to New MobileLink v2.5


CASIO Soft, Inc., today announced it has added real-time wireless connectivity, and integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) using Microsoft’s Web Telephony Engine to CSI MobileLink v2.5, the newest release of its enterprise software solution for field force management, remote data collection, and web-based reporting.

MobileLink v2.5 is an easy-to-use mobile enterprise solution that is scalable to thousands of users. It integrates low-cost Windows CE devices, thin-client alternatives such as WAP-protocol smart phones and RIM Blackberry pagers, and IVR with web browser-based reporting, and SQL databases. MobileLink v2.5 gives companies control over call schedules, surveys, and on-the-job performances. It enables field personnel to conduct customized electronic surveys and inventories quickly, and to deliver aggregated in-store information to business managers in real-time.

The integration of wireless connectivity and support of the WAP protocol in the newest MobileLink release will provide users with real-time wireless connection support, and greatly expand the range of field devices that can be used to support data entry. MobileLink v2.5 can now support: Windows CE/Win 95/98/2000 (dial-up/Internet connection or HTML real-time wireless); Web Data Entry (Internet connection); IVR (telephone data entry); SmartPhones (WAP, real-time wireless data entry); and RIM/Blackberry Pagers, and Palm OS Wireless (WAP, real-time wireless data entry).

“Wireless support enables CASIO Soft to push into many new application areas and extend our MobileLink solution to additional field devices such as state-of-the-art Smart Phones or wireless Palm OS devices. It also provides a great advantage for our customers because we now have a proven, comprehensive field force administration system that allows field surveys to be deployed to the widest possible range of field devices. MobileLink v2.5 provides a single administration system for all of these kinds of field users and allows the aggregated data collected by any of these means to be reported through a consolidated web reporting system,” said Daryl Scott, President and CEO of CASIO Soft.