Symplon 2.4 Ghz Wireless Web Pad

Symplon 2.4 Ghz Wireless Web Pad


The Symplon will be available in Germany early in 2001. It will be sold as a package with an Internet Service Provider.

“Our company’s roots are in Munich, yet our business is global in nature,” said Vittorio Mischi, CEO of Symplon AG. “That is why we deliberately chose the world’s largest Internet fair in New York to announce the launch of this unique new service.’

Symplon AG offers an easy-to-use solution that combines hardware, software, and Internet access. The package pivots around the Symplon, a stylish, cordless device. With the Symplon, the Internet and all its benefits are within reach of all people who cannot or do not want to purchase a PC for home use. By offering a better solution for Internet access, the Symplon breaks down the barriers computers have set between the user and the Internet. The speed with which the Symplon accesses the Internet and its mobility are further crucial factors.

The lightweight (1400 grams) and mobile Symplon offers a fresh approach to the Internet. It works like a cordless phone, offering a range of about 300 meters from its base station. Its touch screen enables navigation with the finger or with a stylus that forms part of the package. The Symplon combines numerous functions within one product. Equipped with stereo loudspeakers and a microphone, it also is a telephone. The Symplon comes with a pre-installed, user-friendly portal. A Unified Messaging System (UMS) provides a broad range of communication tools, including e-mail and SMS messages.

“With the Symplon, anyone can surf the Internet in an easy, convenient, and mobile way. Even without any computer know-how,” said Mr. Mischi. The Symplon is scheduled to be available on the German market from the end of 2000.