Industry’s First Public Demonstration of Real-time Navigation With a Mobile Phone

Industry’s First Public Demonstration of Real-time Navigation With a Mobile Phone


Televigation, a leading provider of mobile phone navigation technology, will demonstrate its mobile phone navigation product TeleNavigation™.voice, at Upside Showcase. This will mark the first time in the wireless telephone industry that real-time navigation is publicly demonstrated with a standard mobile phone. Showcase, organized by Upside, runs from January 22nd to the 24th in Palm Springs, California.

Unlike static driving directions accessible via the wireless web, TeleNavigation.voice is the only product that sends spoken driving instructions to the user based on his/her actual position. TeleNavigation.voice is able to react promptly if the user misses a turn and immediately recalculates new driving instructions to the final destination.

“Televigation’s technology will make real-time navigation services available to hundreds of millions of mobile phone users,” said H.P. Jin, chief executive officer for Televigation. “Mobile phone navigation is a ground-breaking application that can help operators to reduce churn and increase airtime.”

For consumers, using a mobile phone-based navigation system is convenient, easy, and affordable. It is voice-activated — making it safe while driving. Since it works on any mobile phone, it is affordable and can be used immediately from any vehicle – yours, a friend’s, or a rental. It also has the advantage of being on-line and therefore up-to-the-minute with current road construction, new businesses, or even traffic information, unlike static CD-based systems.

In addition to TeleNavigation.voice, Televigation also provides a fully integrated suite of products that allow carriers and portals to offer comprehensive navigation services:

• TeleFinder™.voice spatially searches in the yellow pages for the most conveniently located business according to the user’s location. The search can be within a city or near a specific location; it finds businesses such as the nearest gas station, ATM, or restaurant.
• TeleTraffic™.voice provides traffic condition and road construction updates. Currently, 65 metropolitan US areas are covered by the traffic reports.

The core of Televigation’s technology is its Snap-to-Map™ real-time address locating technology for mobile phones. Snap-to-Map removes the ambiguity inherent to wireless location technologies and transforms a rough position into a precise address. Snap-to-Map can continuously track a mobile phone user’s position as it changes. Snap-to-Map is location technology independent, and works with either network-based or handset-based wireless location technologies that are driven by the FCC E911 mandate (Federal Communications Commission, Enhanced 911).

TeleNavigation.voice is available now for operators, wireless application service providers (WASPs), voice, and wireless portals. Consumers will gain availability to TeleNavigation from wireless operators as they implement location-tracking technology to comply with the E911 mandate in the course of this year.