Ezonics EZPhone lets you chat without typing

Ezonics EZPhone lets you chat without typing


The EZPhone Cam is designed to make Video Chatting as EZ as phoning a friend. Simply push the One Touch Call Button on your EZPhone Cam – this automatically launches your Photo Buddy List. At a glance, see who is online, double click their buddy photo to place your video chatting call. If the person you are calling has an EZPhone Cam their cam will ring and the antenna will flash to let them know a call is coming in. To answer your call – they simply hit their One Touch Call Button and instantly you are connected.

The EZPhone Cam is compatible with Microsoft Netmeeting and other major video conferencing programs. It has been said “a picture is worth 1000 words.” With this in mind, consider this…30 frames per second would compute to 30,000 words per second, which would compute to 1,800,000 words per minute.

Imagine sending your friends, family or business associates Video E-mail instead of just “run-of-the-mill” e-mail. With your EZPhone Cam system and included software you can attach an executable file to the normal e-mails you send everyday. Now when the recipient of your e-mail downloads the file you have attached, a simple double click of the mouse will bring you right there to them…in full motion and audio.

The EZPhone Cam also allows you to take still pictures. With the click of a button your photo is saved to your PC. You can now print it, e-mail it or with the included software have fun with it. Create greeting cards, calendars, enhance the image, edit the image and even add special effects.