Two USB Optical mice for Notebooks reviewed

Two USB Optical mice for Notebooks reviewed


If you own a notebook computer, you definitely want the option of attaching a mouse instead of always being stuck using the standard built in mouse. Both of these mice are Optical scroll mice with a USB connection and additional USB to PS2 adapter for those who don’t want to waste a USB slot, or do not have USB on there laptop. The Secret 7 mouse sells for $34.99 at, and the Targus Optical mouse sells for $49.99 at

Let’s start off with the similarities of the 2 mice. Both mice work in Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT so you won’t have any compatibility issues if you are a PC person. I put the mice next to each other, and they are exactly the same size. Both mice are equally accurate and fast while scrolling throughout your PC.

The Secret 7 mouse seems to have a few more positive features than the Targus model. For instance, the Secret 7’s Cable is considerably shorter than the Targus cable, therefore giving you less tangles and slacking when it is plugged into your laptop. This may seem like a minor detail, but it does make a difference if you don’t want any annoying tangles to deal with. The Secret 7 is perfectly matched in colour to the grayish shade of most laptops; if you have a black notebook then you would probably prefer the colour of the Targus. I also noticed the Secret 7 has a very silent and soft clicking noise, even quieter then my Microsoft Scroll Mouse. The scroller on the Secret 7 is a bit slow and rough for my liking. The cable on the Secret 7 is thick, durable and about 2 feet long. I could see it withstanding some abuse and pulling. Also, it does not tangle as easy.

Now onto the Targus Optical mouse. The cable on the Targus is very thin and long so it is easy to have it tangle up. The scroll wheel on the Targus is very smooth and quiet. The major downfall on this design is the mouse buttons; they seem to be louder than normal. It makes a loud hollow click like the old prehistoric serial mice used to make. Other than that, the design is more appealing and sleeker looking the others.

My choice would have to be the Secret 7’s Optical Tiny Mouse. It is considerably cheaper, and it matches the colour of my notebook exactly. If you have a black notebook and a bigger wallet you may want to go with the Targus. All in all, the features between these mice are very similar, making it hard to choose between them and therefore making it one’s personal opinion.

Secret 7’s Optical Tiny Mouse = %85

Targus USB Optical Mini Mouse = %83