Sony “Infostick” Bluetooth Memory Module

Sony “Infostick” Bluetooth Memory Module


Sony Corporation demonstrated working prototypes of the “Infostick” Bluetooth module at CES 2001 International. This is part of an ongoing effort to develop the Memory Stick Expansion Module, which utilizes the form factor and interface terminals/protocols of the Memory Stick to add various hardware functions to compliant products.

The Infostick was developed using Sony’s proprietary baseband LSI chip and high density mounting technology. The baseband LSI chip integrates multiple functions including a Bluetooth baseband controller, a Memory Stick interface, a flash memory controller and a CPU into a single chip. High density mounting technology allows the baseband LSI chip, RF module, flash memory, antenna and EEPROM to be integrated within a single circuit board to realize the compact Memory Stick form factor.

By inserting an Infostick into Memory Stick Expansion Module compliant products such as digital cameras, personal computers, televisions, etc., quick and simple wireless data exchange can be conducted between the hardware via radio waves. The featured prototype has a transmission range of approximately 10m, and transfer rate of 1Mbps in accordance with Bluetooth specifications.

Having developed the basic prototype, Sony will now work to explore new possibilities for the Infostick to add new functions such as Internet access capability and network setup capabilities.

Memory Stick Expansion Modules are devices that expand the functionality of Memory Stick-enabled devices such as handhelds (PDA), PCs, mobile phones, etc. There are now four working prototypes of the Memory Stick Expansion Module that include the Infostick, camera module, GPS module and fingerprint recognition module. Sony will continue its efforts to develop unique Memory Stick Expansion Modules to expand the horizon of Memory Stick applications.