Qubit Orbit to use AirPrime CDMA Wireless Internet Services

Qubit Orbit to use AirPrime CDMA Wireless Internet Services


Qubit Technology, a leader in the Internet appliance market, today announced it has signed an agreement making AirPrime Incorporated the provider of CDMA-based wireless access solutions for the Qubit Orbit, the company’s wireless Web Tablet.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with AirPrime on this development,” said David Armitage, president and CEO of Qubit Technology. “Since AirPrime is focused entirely on CDMA-based solutions, Qubit can take advantage of their superior technological expertise and flexible service and support, while meeting our customer’s demands for wireless access to the Internet.”

Santa Clara based AirPrime will provide an integrated wireless access device that will allow the Orbit Web Tablet to operate on Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) based networks, the network technology of companies like Sprint and Verizon. A CDMA network enables faster and more secure wireless transmission of data and voice across PCS networks.

“We believe that CDMA-enabled Internet appliances, such as the Orbit Web Tablet, will expand the reach of valuable wireless Internet services, and provide the best user experience in terms of coverage, service quality, content, and cost,” said Paul Sethy, founder and CEO of AirPrime.