Uninterruptible Power Supply Status Delivered to Mobile Phones

Uninterruptible Power Supply Status Delivered to Mobile Phones


In an effort to give IT managers the flexibility and management capabilities they desire to maintain their networks availability, American Power Conversion (APC) today announced a new version of its Web/SNMP Management Card that is compatible with wireless application protocol (WAP) – enabled mobile phones when used with APC’s Smart- UPS® or Matrix® units. The Web/SNMP management card offers increased management capabilities via the Web for other power protection and management devices including APC’s Smart-UPS® (700VA and higher), Matrix®, Symmetra® Power Array(TM), Silcon® three-phase UPS, and APC’s power management accessories.

This new communications offering comes in addition to other standards- based management protocols available on the current version of this product, including HTTP, SNMP, and Telnet.

“When we introduced the first Web/SNMP card in 1998, our customers were very pleased that they were able to manage their global networks in a secure and simple fashion utilizing the web,” said Rob Johnson, general manager of APC’s Availability Enhancement Group. “Since that time, we have been striving to take full advantage of the options a web-based device can offer. The fact that users can view vital information from a mobile phone and Email can translate to a faster response when network integrity is at risk from a power anomaly or blackout.”

The new APC Web/SNMP Management Card also includes Email event notification. This allows IT managers to receive Email or Pager notification of UPS-related events.