The Throne: Microsoft ‘e-cliner’

The Throne: Microsoft ‘e-cliner’


Call it Couch Potato 2.0. Luxury armchair maker La-Z-Boy Inc. and software giant Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday officially launched a living room throne for the Internet age, complete with computer jacks and equipment for surfing the Web on a television set.

The seat comes with a Microsoft WebTV receiver, wireless keyboard and two free months of the Internet service, which enables Internet surfing, e-mail and interactive programs on a regular TV.

Send and receive e-mail and explore the wonders of the World Wide Web. With a built in Sony® keyboard and enhanced TV you’ll always stay connected!

Fold-out table with Sony® wireless keyboard: Articulating table rotates 360 degrees and tilts for comfort. Removable wireless keyboard lets you access the Internet from across the room.

Microsoft Web TV® Plus Interactive Service: Access the Internet right through your TV with e-mail, chat, instant messaging, simplified VCR recording, interactive TV programs and more. Includes Sony WebTV Plus receiver, Sony Wireless keyboard, and 2 free months of WebTV Plus service.

Data Adapter, Phone Line, and 110v outlet: For laptop computer users a data port with a built-in surge protector provides high speed data access that’s 2-3 times faster than a conventional phone line (available in most areas). Also, includes a standard phone line, and a 110v outlet.