The new look of shopping at home

The new look of shopping at home


Gamut Interactive, Inc. has developed technology that makes all media interactive, including television, print, Internet, direct marketing/messaging and advertising. At the heart of this innovation is the Gamut personal shopping and savings device. The hand-held Gamut will change the way you shop forever. With Gamut’s advanced functionality and convenience, you will never miss a great shopping and savings opportunity again. You are able to capture special offers and promotions, purchase products, request information, or save URL links from a variety of media.

With your Gamut, you can:

Zap! coupons to save on exclusive Gamut specials
Organize your shopping, savings and purchases
Receive customized offers
Earn valuable loyal shopper rewards
Enjoy the convenience of shopping at home

Patented technology makes it possible to receive signals from a television screen without a set top box or any added devices to the television. The Gamut can also read barcodes on coupons, on print advertisements, on web sites or on the products themselves. The smart card can be removed and taken to the store, where it is swiped to redeem discounts, premiums, loyalty points and promotions. No more clipping coupons.

Utilizing technology that allows both bar code scanning and capturing television signals, the Gamut zaps and stores all of the offers that display our special Gamut logo. In the near future, look for the Gamut technology to be integrated in any number of consumer electronics devices, including cellular phones and personal digital assistants (PDA).

The Gamut gives members more than just a valuable discount. It enables you to engage in special loyalty programs offered by some of your favorite brands. The Gamut also lets you place actual product orders with just the click of a button, a feature most electronic savings and e-commerce programs do not possess. Finally, Gamut Interactive spans all media and can therefore accommodate the lifestyles of anyone who gets newspapers or magazines, watches TV, goes to the store, as well as uses the Internet.