ParaFone awarded best of show at CES2001

ParaFone awarded best of show at CES2001


Arkon Networks Inc., is pleased to announce that the Parafone™ has been named an honoree and the winner of the “Best of Show” telephony product from a competitive field of entries at the prestigious Innovations 2001 Design and Engineering Showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show. Jointly hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association and the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA,) there is simply no higher honor in consumer electronics design than winning the Innovations 2001 award.

Recognized for its innovative design and engineering, the Parafone™ is a pioneer in handheld computing and voice telephony integration. “The Parafone was developed as an original artful creation that makes advanced telephony highly compelling and useable,” said Bruce Bernard, general manager of Arkon Networks. “We are pleased that the unique and competitive value of the Parafone is openly recognized by the industry.”

The Parafone consists of a Springboard module and a base unit. By snapping the Parafone module into the Springboard slot on the back of the Visor, the Parafone enables telephony calls over any public switched telephone network. In addition, the Parafone provides customers with an intuitive interface that allows access to advanced services such as caller ID, conference calling and call tracking. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the ability of the Parafone to take advantage of the Visor address book, giving direct access to all previously inserted contacts.

“Cordless telephony has changed the way people communicate over the last ten years. By leveraging Handspring’s Springboard expansion platform and integrating our own wireless technology, we are taking cordless telephony to the next level,” said Edmund Ho, president & CEO of Arkon Networks, “The Parafone dramatically improves the consumer experience when compared to conventional cordless telephones available today.” “Voice telephony applications on handheld computers are among the most highly anticipated Springboard modules being developed for the Handspring Visor,” said, Ed Colligan, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Handspring. “We are pleased to have Arkon leverage their extensive product development experience in cordless telephony to create such a compelling consumer product for Handspring Visor users.”