Visteon licenses Phatnoise for new In-Car MP3 CD Player

Visteon licenses Phatnoise for new In-Car MP3 CD Player


Imagine one CD with up to 10 hours of personalized, non-stop music playing right in your own vehicle. This is now possible with the new Visteon MACH MP3 Music System introduced by Visteon Corporation.

The new Visteon MACH MP3 Music System combines compressed file playback technology and efficient memory storage to give drivers the ability to store hundreds of songs on one CD.

“The launch of our new MP3 system expands our current offering of consumer-focused multimedia products, while helping meet what we believe is a growing consumer demand,” said David Peace, vice president of Visteon Global Aftermarket Operations. “Without question, MP3 is quickly becoming a very popular choice of music format as more and more people learn how to download music off the Internet. Visteon has designed a system that gives drivers the ability to enjoy the benefits of MP3 format while in vehicle.”

While in play mode, the system allows the selection of individual songs as well as fast forward and shuffle modes. By using the unique “Fast Track” feature, a listener can quickly find a desired track by pushing the track button and toggling the volume control button.

The compact player is also equipped with an anti-shock feature and has a total memory capacity of 650 megs allowing drivers to create their own personalized CD with up to 10 hours of music. The system features a full disc shuffle as opposed to other systems which may only have a shuffle feature within each folder.

The MP3 system, which can also play regular music CDs, comes in five different “skins” to provide the user personalized, unique look.