PhatNoise’ Linux PhatBox lets you play MP3’s in Car

PhatNoise’ Linux PhatBox lets you play MP3’s in Car


PhatNoise, Inc., developer of the first complete automotive digital media jukebox system, today announced that Visteon Corporation has licensed PhatNoise’s award-winning technology for a new vehicle audio system called the MACH® MP3 Jukebox. Visteon’s MACH MP3 Jukebox, powered by PhatNoise technology, will enable consumers to enjoy MP3 and WMA music tracks through their existing vehicle audio system.

The MACH® MP3 Jukebox, designed specifically for the automotive environment, will play up to 4,000 high quality digital audio tracks, enabling consumers to bring an entire music collection into the vehicle quickly and easily.

The unit consists of a 74MHz Cirrus Logic EP7212 Processor, running a customized Linux Kernel which is stored on the Real-time Head Unit interface firmware.

PhatNoise offers the only high-capacity digital media jukebox system that can be directly integrated into a car’s existing sound system. PhatNoise’s technology includes powerful software for uploading and managing MP3 and WMA content, a removable storage cartridge capable of holding up to 4,000 audio tracks and reprogrammable hardware.

PhatNoise is thrilled to announce Visteon as a premier licensee of our advanced digital audio vehicle stereo technology,” said Dannie Lau, CEO and co-founder of PhatNoise, Inc. “Visteon is a worldwide leader in the automotive audio technology market. They have recognized that PhatNoise’s technology is by far the easiest and most powerful way for consumers to take their digital music from their PC and enjoy it on the road.”

The MACH® MP3 Jukebox, powered by PhatNoise hardware and software technology, consists of MACH® MP3 Music Manager software, which enables consumers to organize and upload music and audio files, a high-capacity, removable storage cartridge and an in-vehicle digital audio jukebox. The cartridge is capable of storing hundreds of hours of music in a device small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

For on-the-road playback, consumers insert the music cartridge into the in-vehicle audio jukebox, which is connected to the existing car stereo. The jukebox can be conveniently installed in the trunk, glove box or under a seat and uses the same cable connections as a typical CD changer. PhatNoise’s digital media jukebox system was previously showcased at the July 2000 MP3 Summit and brought home prestigious awards for “Best Product Overall” and “Best Car System.”

The Visteon MACH® MP3 Jukebox, powered by PhatNoise technology, will be available through aftermarket channels, for select Ford applications, in the third quarter of 2001. For more information, consumers can visit or call 800-VISTEON.