Intel Introduces Portable Audio Player

Intel Introduces Portable Audio Player


Intel Corporation today introduced a portable digital audio player that provides up to four hours of music programming and more than 20 hours of spoken-word audio. The new product is equipped with 128 MB of memory for storing digital audio in MP3 and Windows* Media Audio (WMA) formats.

The Intel® Pocket Concert™ Audio Player can be used with the optional Intel® Audio Accessory Kit that includes a home stereo dock and car audio adapter so consumers have more ways to access, use and enjoy their music.

“The Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player is designed to deliver longer playing times, better sound quality and the ability to enjoy music in a more versatile format now and in the future,” said Don Whiteside, general manager of the Intel Connected Products Division. “Bringing Intel technology to the emerging portable digital audio market will provide consumers with trusted brand option and an enhanced audio experience.”

The Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player is the latest example in the company’s effort to extend the value of the home PC and the Internet by creating a broad range of exciting new products. In addition to the audio player, Intel manufactures PC cameras, the Intel® Play™ line of PC-enhanced toys, the Intel® Wireless Series family of PC peripherals and the Intel AnyPoint™ Home Network.

Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player Key Features
Housed in a durable, brushed aluminum case with blue-accented frame and weighing less than four ounces, the Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player is small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket. Because there are no moving parts, the audio player performs well even when the user is on the move. The audio player is powered by two AAA batteries, which deliver about 10 hours of continuous playback.

Memory: The audio player has 128 MB of on-board Intel® StrataFlash™ memory and plays up to four hours of music and more than 20 hours of spoken-word audio. Intel StrataFlash requires less power to operate and helps conserve battery life. StrataFlash also allows twice the memory support in less space, reducing overall system costs.

Big Sound Quality: An amplifier with 11mW power provides clear, loud sound at a very low noise and distortion rating of 0.04 percent THD+N @ 1 kHz. This power output quality is similar to popular consumer stereos. The player also comes with behind-the-neck headphones featuring neodymium drivers to help deliver higher-quality sound.

Programmable for Today and Tomorrow: At launch, the Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player will support MP3 and WMA music formats. The player’s firmware is re-programmable, permitting compatibility with future music file formats and music purchased over the Internet.

Universal Serial Bus (USB): The player features a USB connection for fast transfer rates and quick connectivity and setup to the PC.

FM Radio: The Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player also incorporates a FM radio capable of storing up to 10 preset stations for versatile music enjoyment.

Design: The player features a sleek shape, durable brushed aluminum body and ABS chassis. Easy-to-use buttons and scroll wheel help operate the player. The user can also set 17 levels of bass and treble equalization for customized sound.

Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player Software
The Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player comes with an intuitive software suite to help access, manage and listen to your favorite music:

Intel® Audio Manager™: An easy-to-use software program that provides consumers a quick and easy way to access and transfer audio files from the PC to the player.

MusicMatch* Jukebox (Plus version): All-in-one jukebox software provides consumers everything they need to play, record and organize digital music. Music fans can create personal CDs from MP3 or WMA files, create custom audio CDs and play lists, and obtain personal music recommendations based on listening tastes.

Intel® Audio Sampler: A compilation of award-winning independent-label music and spoken-word selections.

Optional Intel® Audio Accessory Kit
The optional Intel® Audio Accessory Kit offers consumers more ways to enjoy their music. It includes a stereo dock, two long-life NiMH rechargeable batteries, a power cord for 110V, cables with RCA plugs to link the dock to a home stereo, a “Y” adapter cable to mini-plug multimedia speakers, a carrying case, and a car adapter.

Intel® Audio Stereo Dock: The versatile stereo dock makes it easy to connect the audio player to a home stereo, a set of multimedia speakers or a PC.

Intel® Audio Car Adapter: The car cassette adapter allows consumers to quickly tap into their car stereo system making it easy to transport their favorite digital music for long family road-trips or quick trips to the store.