Nixvue Digital Image Storage Device

Nixvue Digital Image Storage Device


Compact flash, smart media or memory sticks are common intermediate storage devices of most digital cameras. Users normally need a computer to download stored images when the media is full. That is no longer necessary with our latest Nixvue Digital Album. When storage media is full, users simply remove them from their camera. Nixvue’s Digital Album unit containing a built-in rechargeable battery is all users need to carry to the field for storage of images.

Users simply insert media containing their digital images into Nixvue’s Digital Albums. Nixvue’s Digital Albums support all common media (compact flash, smart media and memory sticks) through the use of appropriate PCMCIA adapters. A single button press is all it takes to transfer the digital images on the media onto Nixvue’s Digital Album. LED indicators confirm when media data are completely transferred. Users can thus recycle the media for more shots.

Nixvue’s Digital Album is designed to dock into a matching cradle unit. Precise guide mechanisms are built-in to ensure safe and easy docking. Printer port on cradle unit may be used for direct print to printers. The connections on the rear of the cradleunit are shown. Power is supplied through an external power adapter and the cradle unit also acts as a battery charger for Nixvue’s Digital Album when in use.The Cradle unit connects via video cables to common household TVs. Organise and select images for viewing together with family and friends in total comfort of your living room.

The Digital Album’s user friendly Menu allows users to easily select, organise, print, delete, rename and activate slide show functions etc. effortlessly and conveniently via an IR remote controller from a comfortable distance. Thumbnails allow easy navigation for users to locate stored images. Users may organise a thumbnail to represent a particular category of images with images in each category viewable also as more thumbnails.

Select the images via thumbnails or filename using the IR remote controller for full screen viewing on TV. Users may organise their images on the Album in accordance to their individual preference. USB port on cradle for connectivity to PCs. PCs will recognise Nixvue’s Digital Album as another hard disk. Images can be transferred to and edited on PCs and then transferred back into Nixvue’s Digital Album for storage. Photo on the right shows the Digital Album unit and some accessories. A case is provided to protect the unit in normal use. It can also be strapped to belts or harness as convenient carriers.