CM Tech’s Pocket Photo Digital Camera

CM Tech’s Pocket Photo Digital Camera


The Pocket Photo CJ-100 is small enough to wear as a necklace. Just over 5″ long, and less than 2″ wide. The “Dual Digital Camera” can store approximately 120 photos at 640×480 resolution. Two AA batteries should last 1000 exposures. This is a remarkable camera for its size, it even uses USB for transfering images, or a video link to disply on your TV.

This camera also offers 15fps capture in video mode.


CCD Sensor.
Interface : USB Port-PC, TV cable-TV.
Resolution : 350,000 Pixel.
Frame Rate : VGA – 15 frame/sec, CIF – 30 Frames/sec
Flash Memory : 8M
TFT LCD Display.
On Screen Display.
The number of image(640 x 480)
– Normal Quality : 120
– High Quality : 50

Size(mm) : 35(W) x 134(L) x 20(H)
Batteries : 2 x AA
The battery life : 1000 exposures.