Hy-Tek TREO with 6GB MP3 Storage

Hy-Tek TREO with 6GB MP3 Storage


The TREO, a new high capacity Digital Music Jukebox made and priced for the consumer marketplace was introduced today at COMDEX/Fall, (booth S931H) by Hy-Tek Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Hy-Tek’s new TREO stores and plays up to 150 music CDs. It offers numerous advantages over existing players, including storing more than 100 hours of music in a pocket-sized player, and has a removable Li-Ion battery pack for more than 8 hours of continuous playback before recharging. “The digital stereo sound quality in the TREO is superb, clearly rivaling any player in the market,” said John Bastian, Hy-Tek’s president, “and its incredibly small size makes it convenient to take an entire music collection anywhere. TREO, he said, provides for easy storing of music from original CDs or Internet downloads, and “rises above competitors with its incredible sound experience in a pocket-sized player.

“The TREO brings reality to portable players, including huge capacity, true portability, long playback time at a retail price point under $400,” Bastian said, noting that it was “designed from the get-go to play music, not just a portable hard drive that happens to play music. Whether or not they have a trained ear,” he said, “listeners will hear the difference in a heartbeat.”

Technical features of the TREO include: multiple Codecs including MP3, WMA, AAC and ePAC are supported by the unit. An integrated graphic equalizer allows the user to set tone quality to their particular taste. Its Flexible, MicroOS core technology from e.Digital Corporation (OTC:EDIG) provides the basis for this new entry into the high capacity portable player market.