Palm sized PennyScanner

Palm sized PennyScanner


The PennyScanner is designed to provide an extremely low cost solution for consumer scanning applications where convenience, simplicity and ease of use are paramount.

To activate the scanner, simply press the button. The unit stays active a pre-determined time, 1 the unit will then scan barcodes.

Barcodes can be deleted if required. 2

To transmit the data to a PC simply point red light at IR sensor 3 and press button. The LED will flicker during transfer. The memory can be configured to automatically reset. 4 Alternatively place tip onto opto-link transceiver window

One way data transfer of up to 12 feet at 4800 bps is possible using IR pcm or two way 19200 bps using opto-link

When the memory is close to full, the LED pulses every second as a warning.

Access to battery and lens is by releasing one screw. It then pulls apart to reveal a 1” standard button cell, a PCB module and a lens assembly. No data is lost during battery replacement.

A scanning error results in rapid flashes; a successful scan gives one long bright flash.