Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Phone Use

Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Phone Use


Japan Total Design Communication Co., Ltd. unveiled a new wireless headset designed especially for use with mobile phones.

The headset, called “i2me” (pronounced “it’s me”), employs Bluetooth wireless technology. To use it, first a user needs to connect his/her mobile phone to a dedicated adapter unit, and the adapter and the headset will be linked via Bluetooth.

The headset is scheduled to go on sale in March 2001. JTDC plans to release it at an open price, but the company says it is expected to retail at around 25,000 yen. ($225 US)

The i2me wireless headset is a hands-free unit designed especially for use with mobile phones with one ear. The adapter unit that comes with the headset plugs into the mobile phone’s earphone jack so that voice data can be sent between the headset and the phone. The wireless technology employed is Bluetooth Version 1.0b, and the headset can be used with any mobile phone or personal handyphone system phone equipped with an earphone microphone jack.

The headset weighs approximately 45g, and the adapter weighs just 35g. The headset’s power source is a button-type zinc oxide battery that will last for around 14 days of use (assuming the headset is used to talk for one hour and is kept in standby mode for eight hours per day.) As long as the headset wearer stays within a radius of about 10 meters from the phone, then the Bluetooth link is maintained. The only controls on the headset itself are a button the wearer uses to take incoming calls and a volume switch. The initial sales shipment is to consist of several thousand units.